What are they?  How do they benefit our health?  
Where can we get them?

Adaptogens have been around for millennia, and more recent studies have revealed the health benefit impacts on our mental / emotional / psychological / spiritual health, as well as our physical health and longevity..

What is an adaptogen?  An adaptogen is any substance, usually natural / alternative medicinal substance that helps us adapt to internal and external environmental factors that cause stress, thereby reducing the damaging effects of the stressors on our mental, emotional and physical health.

In a nutshell - they help us adapt and they protect us from stress related damage and dangers.

Have you ever heard that stress is the "silent killer"?

Here are some alarming statistics to digest! 

Did you know that the Center for Disease Control cites at least 40% of working people identify their job as their #1 source of stress?

What about working mothers and even more so - what about stay-at-home mothers whose homes are their work-places?  They (we) have to leave home to find sanity sometimes!

According to, 

  • 43% of adults suffer adverse health problems directly due to stress
  • 75% to 90% of doctor visits are from stress-related issues (WOW!)
  • Stress is a major contributor to headaches, diabetes, heart conditions, skin problems, arthritis, inflammation, asthma, depression and anxiety
  • OSHA claims that stress is a $300 billion dollar per year expense to the American Work Industry
  • Life-long emotional disorders are more than 50% - related to unresolved or un-treated persistent stressors.

Adaptogens are designed in nature to help us "kill the silent killer" - that is kill the stress in your life that is silently killing you!

My recent experience: Recently I was overwhelmed and without proper habits, I usually just stew through the emotions, stress and feelings.  This makes me feel edgy, tired, stressed out and just plain "not fun" to be around.  Not to mention, it steals from my personal quality of life.

For some reason, I just have not formed the natural habit of turning to my essential oils all of the time, but I am learning to utilize their benefits more an more.  

Don't you ever feel like a rope on it's last strand, about to snap?

Unresolved stressors build up and create chronic tension in our lives.     

-However - today was different.

A thought came to my head like a light-bulb and I thought to try rubbing some essential oils on the soles of my feet.

I used several (therapeutic grade) drops of Lavender essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, and oils blends (all 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils).

In less than 5 minutes, I was calm and relaxed, stabilized, and not feeling the pressure. . . I had a slight euphoria but it did nothing to dull my senses. . .  it just leveled me out and I decided to look up adaptogens and write about it (that is how I learn and internalize helpful information).

Even now, as I am writing this article and researching, I still feel relaxed but not tired, alert but not edgy, stabilized in thought, mood and emotion (and it is over 30 minutes later).

I am learning that some of the most effective, safe, and protective adaptogens are found naturally in many essential oils, and Lavender Essential Oil is perhaps one of the very best adaptogens available.

Why is it that when we are feeling stressed out, we don't usually remember to stop, think and treat ourselves naturally?

We (at least I) get stuck in those negative feelings and emotions and the thoughts reel through my head until they run their course.

An hour later I feel drained, tired, lethargic, slightly depressed and sometimes a little guilty.  

Do you ever experience this pattern?

It has only been about a year and a half that I have been researching and experimenting with the benefits of natural essential oils, but I am using many of them daily and experiencing the benefits more regularly.

I only wish that sometimes I would stop and have the presence-of-mind to use them before the stressors run their course through my body, emotions and thoughts!

Learning more about adaptogens and using them more consistently, I believe, will help me experience a better quality of life and just might help my longevity (because they say that stress is the "silent killer".  

How do adaptogens benefit our health?

There are many sources for natural adaptogens and there are many benefits.  

The trick is, get started using them on a regular, daily basis to help reduce toxins in your body and to help increase your quality of life and longevity (it will also help those around you to deal with you when you are dealing with stress)

Some benefits of adaptogens are:

  • help you cope with stress
  • help reduce damage from stress
  • help reduce anxieties,
  • help reduce fatigue
  • they come from plants naturally
  • they are non-toxic in natural, therapeutic grade form
  • they increase your resistance to physical, chemical, biological and emotional stressors
  • they help you "level off"
  • bring manic or anxiety into check 
  • stabilize us when we are depressed or feeling low
  • Increased metabolism
  • Enhance our immunity response (stress suppresses immune response also!)
  • Better quality of sleep (no -brainer)
  • Higher and more consistent energy levels

With that being said, this is only a small list of benefits from natural adaptogens included in our daily routines.

So where can we get adaptogens?

Although there are countless adaptogenic chemicals coming from different plants around the world, the most versatile and universally used is found in therapeutic grade lavender essential oil.

I am also very practical and have learned to be frugal. . . 

Because of this, I don't personally want to dedicate an entire room in my house to an in-home pharmacy or spend thousands of dollars from our annual budget on all kinds of different treatments, herbs and oils so I try to find out which essential oils and other natural remedies will give me the most uses for daily living.  

Lavender oil is one of the top 2 or 3 most diverse oils because of how many effective uses it has.  

I have researched and shared some other articles on lavender oil here:

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I am by no means saying that Lavender Oil is the only naturally occurring supply of adaptogens, but because it has so many other great uses for daily living as well as being one of the most effective and non-toxic adaptogens, I don't need a household pharmacy to take care of so many common issues of daily living with a family, work and kids!

Many other plants, herbs, oils and even fungi have adaptogens in their chemical makeup and can actually target specific needs depending on the kind of adaptogen it contains.

For me and my house, a small 15mL bottle of Lavender Essential Oil is like having a little friend in a bottle!

If you would like to buy Lavender oil that is in its purest form, we recommend 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oils over other lower grades and those found in stores. Also, it is highly concentrated so where other brands require much more oil to achieve similar results, and most are not able to be ingested (taken internally), find Therapeutic Grade oil that is 100% pure and only a few drops will go a long way.

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