10 ways to use Olive Oil around the house

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Don't use the EVOO for household things instead use the cheaper OO. By the way EVOO is Extra Virgin Olive Oil and OO is Olive oil. You will be simply amazed at the things you can do with OO.

1. Shaving Cream ~ Sure it isn't shaving cream but you can use it just like shaving cream. It softens and lubricates nicely.

2. Furniture Polish ~ Mix 2 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon juice in a clean spray bottle. Shake it up and spray it on.  Wait a couple of minutes before wiping it off. Use undiluted olive oil as furniture polish, too. Put a little on a paper towel. Wipe up any excess with an absorbent cloth. I personally like the fresh scent of lemon juice but the shine of just the plain oil is nice also.

3. Ear ache ~ Heat a little oil, drop in ear. Place cotton swab in ear and top with warm water bottle or towel.

4. Recondition leather ~ Work oil into cracks of leather and let dry.

5. Grease and paint remover ~ 1/2 tsp oil with 1/2 tsp sugar and rub onto hands and between fingers.

6. Fix squeaky doors and stuck hinges ~ Simply pour a little oil on the door or hinges and wait. You never have to worry about the harsh chemicals.

7. Remove labels with olive oil.

8. Polish plant leaves.

9. Moisturize your own skin.

10. Have a cat? Add a tsp to it's food everyday to help with hairballs. 

I'm sure that there are hundreds of other things you can do with OO. It is something that will always and forever be in the pantry at my house. Please chime in and share your ideas.