Are you reading healthy?

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What are you spending your time doing these days? Me? I’m reading. I love it! I just finished Eat More, Weigh Less by Dean Ornish, M.D. I loved this book and I can’t wait to read the next one. I learned a lot about what healthy foods can do for me and a lot about what the wrong foods can do. He brings up animal fats and the diseases that are linked to them. Not only that but did you know that when you consume meat you are more likely to smell worse than people who don’t eat meat? There is the feared halitosis, smelly poop ( I mean the kind that would embarrass your mother) and body odor. I’m not kidding, stop eating meat for a week and test it. Aaron and I have been red meat free this week and I have noticed a major difference in how I feel and how he smells (ha). We have had more energy, have had less mood swings; we have breathed easier and are overall guilt free.

Did you know that meat rots in your body because it doesn’t digest as quickly as other foods? That is what causes the stink and I don’t know about you but I am not craving a big fat steak right now. This week we have eaten fresh salsa, vegetable soup, cracked wheat salad, brown rice, spinach salad and fruit. We have had practically no fat at all. It has been wonderful: but beware of the flatulence (ha ha).

Additionally, I picked up another book that is just as delightful and it is titled Skim the Fat, A Practical Guide & Up To Date Food Guide. There is some really good information about nutrition and a helpful guide to healthy restaurant eating. I think anyone hoping to lose weight and care for his or her heart by cutting the fat should have both of these books. Both of these books have a surplus of recipes. Dr. Ornish is a lot stricter with his plan and if you read his book you’ll learn why. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease (or have risk factors and are struggling with the hunger that comes with many diets), I highly recommend you purchase his book. (I am not a doctor and cannot assume liability, it is just a great resource- plus- Dr. Ornish is the M.D.)

So, hopefully this true testimonial can encourage you to delight yourself in good reading and healthy eating.


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