Tips for seasonal decorating - by Susan Johns, Home Decor Blogger

The interiors of the home might look monotonous if they are left unchanged for a longer time frame. Seeing the same colors and same patterns can be boring at least for some. This is when the need to do seasonal decoration comes into picture. Seasonal decoration refers to decorating the interiors according to the seasonal colors and accessories and the general weather pattern that is prevalent during the particular season. Below are few tips for decorating the house per the 4 seasons.

Spring is the season of colors. Hence the interior should also be as vibrant as the colorful world outside. Fresh colorful flowers from the garden are the best bet when it comes to spring decoration. If you are staying in an apartment and are not fortunate enough to have a garden of your own, then arranging artificial flowers can bring in the seasonal flavor. Pillows and throws can be changed to brighter colors like turquoise, red, pink etc. Thick draperies can be replaced by lighter sheer curtains to let in more light inside the house. Windows can be left open to fill the room with fresh air.  Bright color can be incorporated not only in throws and pillows but also in area rugs, place mats in dining room, pillow and bed sheet in bedroom and bathroom rugs and towels. If you are not tight on budget, then you can even consider painting your house in spring color.

Unlike spring, summer calls for lighter colors like blue, green etc to create a cooling atmosphere inside the house. More eco friendly and natural material like jute and cotton can be used to provide relief from the scorching sun.  Jute and bamboo area rugs, cotton pillows, throws and curtains can be used to make the room look cooler. If you are planning to change the furniture and wall color, then go in for white and neutral. If you have a pool or beach near your home, then place the furniture facing the soothing and sparkling water.

Red, orange and brown are the color of fall season as it represents the autumn leaves. Brass, copper and iron can be incorporated into interior decor. This is the time to change the furnishing of your home to a warmer torn. The eco-friendly and lighter furnishings that were used during summer can be replaced by thicker material. It is time for Woolen rugs and thicker throws and blankets. Silk furnishing can be used to provide richness to décor. Halloween provides an opportunity to add to the décor with spooky faces and pumpkin.

Winter is the time to rearrange furniture closer to the fire place. A set of lamps, aromatic candles and a few strings of lights can be added to the décor. This is the holiday season and hence DIY holiday décor can add to the beauty of your home. Buy a Christmas tree and decorate it with small stars, balls and lights. When it comes to furnishing, material like velvet, satin, silk and suede in dark colors and patterns are preferred as it provides smooth and cozy feel.

If you are the one who likes having a fresh and new look to your interior, then you need to definitely go in for seasonal decorating. The above are few of the easiest ways to bring that change without burning a hole in your pocket.

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