What's in your grocery cart?


Lately, every time I go to the grocery store I find myself terribly curious about what my fellow shoppers have in their carts. I can’t believe it! I have to remind myself that I too (once upon a time) stuffed my cart with yummy but poisonous foods. Potato chips, pizza rolls, frozen dinners, “mac and cheese”, cola, powdered creamer; well, you know. Speaking of powdered creamer…if you use that stuff (I did until 2 years ago and I love it) take a teaspoon of creamer and place it in a bowl. Put just a drop of water in it and wait maybe a few hours or until the next day. Now try to clean that stuff out of your bowl. That’s right, you got it. It does the very same thing in your veins! If that doesn’t break you then I don’t know what will.
If you meet me in the grocery store you may occasionally find me with a bag of pizza rolls. Usually I fill my cart with fresh/frozen veggies, fresh fruits, and frozen fruits without the added sugar. I go for the whole grain rice, bread, fat free sour cream, fat free cream cheese, and fat free yogurt. I have a pantry full of spices and herbs, types of vinegar, cooking wines (watch the sodium) and canned vegetables. You can easily rinse the canned foods to remove all of that extra salt. I have a fabulous recipe for garden vegetable cream cheese that I want to share with you. It is delightfully refreshing.
When you go for the fat free items, watch out for the sugar content. If you are going for a low fat item, watch out for the portion size. You really have to pay attention to know what you are getting. Just because the label says it is whole wheat or whole grain doesn’t make it so. Always look at the order of ingredients as well. Where on the list is whole wheat? Is it first, is it 2nd or 3rd? The items listed first are what the product has most in it.
Back to the grocery store and the shopping cart. What is in yours? How do you feel? Are you feeling good after you eat what is in your cart? Don’t beat yourself up: start now, start today. Take care of yourself. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. Did you know that? Check it out in Psalms 139. See for yourself what God thinks of you.
I just got back from the library. I picked up some great books. I love to read about nutrition. I am not sure where to begin. A few are cookbooks but they are “good reads” also: The High Fiber Cookbook for Diabetics by Mabel Cavaiani, R.D.; Confessions of an Organized Housewife by Deniece Schofield; The Diabetics Healthy Exchanges Cookbook by JoAnna M. Lund; More Low-Carb Meals In Minutes by Linda Gassenheimer. I don’t agree with everything I read and I always look for the things in new recipes that I don’t want. For example, I remove the fat as often as I can. I sauté my veggies in vegetable broth. If I have left over rice I will use a little of the broth to moisten it or I might use low sodium soy sauce - delightful flavors without the fat.
Take notice to what other women have in their carts. Take notice of their countenance and how they might physically feel at that moment. Take notice of how you might be feeling. Take care of yourself. I know someone that is very fond of you.