From the Heart

I would love to sit for a little while and tell you just how much you are loved. Pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

In the mundane.....

I hear so many women talking about their ministry. As I look back, I am sure that I have never heard men speak of ministry the way women do.

Interesting to me. I have walked beside so many women during my Christian journey and it's almost an obsession or an idol, to some.

Me too, been there. In fact, I was serving pretty hard on the leadership team, years ago. I even had my own "ministry". Yep. I had a vision and a mission.

Inspiring Quotes - Death in Duty

The other day while driving, praying and thinking about the heart of mankind, this simple yet profound truth came to me in 3 phrases.  I knew the Lord was inspiring me to write this down and share it for whatever purpose.  It means some specific things to me, but what does it say to you?

Please share your thoughts!

And if you are so inclined, please share this scroll with others.

Aaron & Jennifer



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Something happens when you finally realize that you are known.

You walk differently. You talk differently. Things just look different. Everything seems to be more colorful that first day.